• 1100/300/35 Lumens
  • 3-Modes
  • Micro-USB Rechargeable
  • Length: 5.4in./13.7cm.
  • Diameter:  1.00in./2.54cm body, 1.35in./3.4cm. head

InfiniStar 1100

$45.99 Regular Price
$28.55Sale Price

1100 lumens in a compact package, but a larger head to dissipate heat and maintain maximum light output. Cree XP-L LED for best quality light and beam color. Type III Hard Anodizing to maintain finish.  Full specs below, but know this is a great light that is tough enough to do the job.

Huge output, incredible beam distance, and enough spill to light the room. Your light is never out of service when you’re charging.

Charge your battery, not your light:

We put the charging circuit on the battery, not the light. So if your battery runs low, you can put in a fresh one while the drained one recharges- you’re not stuck recharging in a proprietary charging cradle, or plugged in to some charging cord you’ll eventually lose or will wear out- the IS 1100 uses common Micro-USB cord. That’s all you need.

No flashy bells or whistles:

Definitely no bells or whistles, and no flash. SOS, strobe, and a multitude of brightness levels, along with switches that require the skill of Mozart to operate? Not happening. Our lights are made with practicality in mind- we provide a simple interface: High, Medium, and Low. Press to turn on, click through the 3 modes, press to turn off. No instruction booklet necessary. 3 taps locks out the switch to prevent accidental activation. It’ll flash to let you know.

Don’t forget:

When you turn your light off, you might just be turning it on again pretty soon. So the InfiniStar 1100 remembers your last mode used, and when you turn it on, you get the brightness you used last time. Our switch doesn’t forget.

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