High-CRI: It’s NOT just about lumens anymore…

In the portable LED lighting market (flashlights, headlights, & work lights) there is an expectation that more is always better. More of what?

When asked, most people respond with the statement, “Brighter is always better, right?” Well, is this true and if not, what else needs to be considered?

At LightStar Corporation, we’ve always put equal thought into the quality of the light required, as well as the quantity of light needed. So, what else should be considered? – The Color Rendering Index (CRI) or “True Color”.

What does this mean? One of the most useful measures of a light source’s color characteristic is its color rendering index (CRI). – In general terms, CRI is the measure of a light source’s ability to show colors “realistically” or “naturally” compared to a familiar reference.

Some problems encountered with LED lighting include the way the lighting does not match the expected color wavelength of items like plastic coated wiring harnesses, automobile fluids, film emulsions and other common items. As a result, the color rendition can be unpredictable with “bright-white” LEDs.

For many years, LightStar Corporation has understood this issue with LED lighting and focused attention towards the “true color” rendering with our products. – We create products that can reliably be used by consumers and professionals alike.

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