LightStar Corporation has developed extensive intellectual property in Solid State Lighting Technology. There are six issued patents covering thermal management, optics, and LED drive electronics, with other patents pending.

LightStar product offerings include standard portable products, including LED flashlights, flashlight LED upgrades and LED conversion kits, and LED work lights.

Our core competency has been our ability to converge the disciplines of electrical, optical, mechanical, thermal and manufacturing expertise to deliver some the highest performing LED light modules in the industry.

A key enabling technology is the LEDSense® Thermal Management circuitry, patented by TerraLUX (now LightStar) . These electronics actively sample the temperature of the LEDs in a light module, and respond as required by making adjustments to the LED drive conditions. This closed-loop system offers a host of advantages:

  • Reduction of designed-in ‘safety margin’, resulting in higher light output, fewer components, and greater value to our customers.
  • Protection of the LEDs and other components from over-heating in unusually stressful environments.
  • Protection of the system in case of improper or insufficient heat-sinking
  • Assurance of expected lifetime and lumen maintenance

LightStar Corporation continues to develop new technologies in solid-state lighting, assuring a prosperous future for the company as well as innovative solutions that keep LightStar ahead of the competition.