LightStar Custom Logo Flashlight Program

Now you can add your company’s name, logo and website to brand your LightStar flashlight.  Hand them out as great promotional gifts, or simply keep anyone from walking off with your LightStar flashlight.

Step One: Choose your flashlight

  • TLF-1C1AA-NL                    LightStar 100
  • TLF-3C2AA-NL                   LightStar 180
  • TLF-3002AA-BK-NL          LightStar 300 – Black
  • TLF-802AAA-BK-NL          LightStar 80 – Black
  • TLF-802AAA-OR-NL         LightStar 80 – Orange
  • TLF-PRO3-BL-NL              Professional 3 – Blue

Step Two: Where do you want the logo?

  • Facet 1
  • Facet 2 (opposite side)

Step Three: Calculate the Cost

  • $75 setup fee (per facet)
  • $0.75 per unit etching fee (per facet)

Step Four: Contact LightStar to order


  • Setup and Sample fee due at time of order
  • Logo requirements: 300dpi, .jpeg, .tif
  • Allow 3 weeks from sample approval to delivery of finished goods
  • Product replaced under warranty will be TerraLUX branded
  • Custom colors and clamshell packaging available for quantities over 3,000 units
  • All logos are grey in color, no color logos are available

Questions or need additional information? Call 1-855-805-9146